To respond effectively to the growing and continuous increase in controls carried out by the Regional Environmental Protection Agencies (ARPA) and other institutes, Caffe’ Vetrina markets the catalysts and smoke burners for roasting plants produced by the German company in Piedmont and Liguria ReiCat, market leader for gas treatment plants.

ReiCat, thanks to its participation in the Italian Coffee Roasters Group and its membership in the German Coffee Association (Deutscher Kaffeeverband), is in an excellent position to promote its catalysts and the related benefits for customers at an international level.

Information on ReiCat catalysts

Operation of ReiCat catalysts

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Advantages of using ReiCat catalysts

ReiCat is able to supply both small and medium-sized Italian coffee roasters, but also international companies, air purification systems that eliminate fumes and odours, comply with environmental laws and significantly reduce energy consumption.

  • Unlike the classic smoke burner, which uses only metallic materials, ceramic is a material that does not catch fire and, with high temperatures, keeps the heat for a relatively long period of time, thus improving the efficiency of the catalyst and the related results in terms of COT, formaldehyde, NOX and other hydrocarbons.
  • ReiCat uses a mix of precious metals, not just one: this greatly affects the duration and efficiency of the catalytic reaction. This is why Reicat catalysts are recognized and appreciated by the Italian Coffee Roasters Group (GITC) and by the Deutscher Kaffeeverband (German Coffee Association)
  • To prevent organic parts from coming into contact with the catalyst, place a prefilter before entering the catalyst: This has effects on both the efficiency and maintenance (almost zero) of the catalytic modules.


  • Operating temperature reduced from 650-700° C (fume burner) to 380° C (ReiCat catalyst)
  • Drastic reduction of energy consumption (by at least 50% compared to the “Bruciafumi”)


  • Reduction of TOCs (Total Organic Compounds) below the limit of 50 mg/Nm³ – Reduction of NOX and reduction of formaldehyde
  • Complete elimination of fumes
  • Complete elimination of odors (… and therefore also problems with neighbours)

ReiCat catalysts for roasters


The ReiCat Gourmet Catalyst provides a compact solution for small and medium roasters that allows to eliminate odors and fumes, and reduce energy consumption by 50-60%.

Catalizzatori adatti su macchinari per la torrefazione da 30-50-60 Kg


The ReiCat Classic Catalyst is designed for medium-large roasters. ReiCat provides a system that allows companies to respect the environmental limits (COT < 50 mg/Nm³) and halve the energy consumption that occurs with the “fume burner”.

Catalysts suitable for machinery starting from 90-120 kg up to the largest flow rates.